virus in handydrive

Handydrive , Thumdrive , Flashdrive, Thay are very important in computer's world.
Now ,many virus has found in handydrive that has file autorun.inf in handydrive or can not works anything with them, include and can not format. It's show the word "The drive is write-protected..." and over of capacity or can not to open it. The handydrive have virus
Flashy.exe or adober.exe or Worm Rjump.D or Worm.R.Jump.A or Backdoor.Rajump . Fix problem
Method 1:
  1. Boot to dos , go to drive handydrive.
  2. Delete files: autorun.inf, adober.exe, msvcr71.dll, ravmonlog , from handydrive .
  3. reboot to safemode window then search and delete for files: adober.exe, ravmonlog , in registry and windows .

Method 2:
  1. scan by free-av will found virus Worm Rjump.D and locked virus.
  2. reboot (take on thumb drive to computer) , choose safe mode
  3. scan thumbdrive to kill virus.

Method 3: (this method to credit from BigBaZaSudZab , MSN:
    1. delete file Autorun.inf in handydrive by
      1.1 - Start/RUN.. type drive such as F:

      - F:/AUTORUN.INF
      - delete all document
- Start>Run.. >type " cmd " will show Command program
type drive such as C:/Document and Setting/Usename/>F:
will show F:/
- type " dir /ah " to search for virus AdobeR.exe , msvcr71.dll ,
If found that files you go to next step
- type "del /ah AdobeR.exe msvcr71.dll AUTORUN.INF"
- type "exit" out of program.

2. go to drive handydrive and delete virus file , adober.exe, ravmonlog or Format them.

3. go to Start>RUN..

4.for delete AdobeR in WINDOWS you will
4.1 -
go to Root
- Run
delete , DWORD name RavD....
(by select them and click right to delete.)
4.2 - run
Task Manager Process by press keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete - Tap Processes >AdobeR.exe >press End Task > OK
5. disables system restore ( From )
The following procedure disables the System Restore feature:
For Windows XP
1. Log on as Administrator.
2. Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop and click Properties.
3. Click the System Restore tab.
4. Select Turn off System Restore.
5. Click Apply > Yes > OK.
6. Continue with the scan/clean process. Files under the _Restore folder can now be deleted.

***Re-enable System Restore by clearing Turn off System Restore.***

6. go to C:/WINDOWS/ delete file AdobeR.exe, and in Registry (You must done step 4. if not will cannot to delete. and step 5. for stop virus go back)

Method 4:
use McAfee 11 update them , it works , can be delete virus and fix upper problem but file Autorun.inf you must be delete by manual (to show hidden file you should be do such as method 3 , 1.2)

Method 5:
go to will fix problem in pc but not for handydrive.
or mail to

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