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When you visit on Thai web page or you are Thai person visit on English web page, you may be not understand for word.


You can Translate by dictionary online at by did not to login or register .


  • If you want to Translate English texts and web pages into Thai you can get on "ParSit" . but you must register for work on web.

"ParSit" By the meaning of the Royal Institute's Dictionary 2525 B.E. (Thai Edition), "ParSit" is actually a popular saying of ancient time, as well as the reputation of machine translation. Until today has every attempt been brought to a satisfactory level due to the sufficiently comprehensive results of translations.
In addition, in spite of difference in both spelling and meaning, "ParSit" sounds the same as "parse it", which is the essential principle to analyze the structure of sentence. Therefore, the system is named "ParSit".

"ParSit" is a result of collaborative research between National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) and NEC Corporation, Japan. It is an online free service via Internet that can translate English texts and Web pages into Thai.
"ParSit" functions by extracting texts from a Web page. The texts are then translated by using grammatical rules and dictionaries. Finally, "ParSit" places the translated texts back to their original positions. As a result, users can surf English pages as if they surf Thai pages.
This NECTEC’s free service offers a fairly good result. They researchers continue to improve its quality.

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