How to Tell if You Are in Love

How to Tell if You Are in Love

Love is a very difficult thing to understand for most people. It sometimes is very difficult to tell what you are feeling, or if you are confusing feelings. Here are some simple tips to see if you are in love.


1. Understand that love is a choice you make. It's not a mere feeling or an attraction. Yes, those things are important, but not by any means all or even most of it. If it's simply an emotional thing it's not real love.
2. Determine if you have the ability to make a commitment to that person. To say, "No matter who else comes along, even if they're better, I will be faithful to you." That's what love is. To be willing to make sacrifices for that person. Believe it or not the sparks of emotion won't last forever. They sometimes don't last past the first few months of being together. Which is why when real love is concerned, commitment is important.
3. Ask yourself these questions:
* Why are you attracted to him or her?
* If they gained weight, would you still love him or her?
* If they lost their hair or their face was scarred would you still think he or she were beautiful?
* Can you trust them and confide in him or her?
* If somebody else came along would you even consider leaving him or her?
* Do you have common interests? After the "honeymoon" period is finished, will you be able to communicate and share like interests?
* Do you have common life goals?
* If they lost an arm or a leg, would you still look at them the same?
* How about birthing children? Does your love partner want to have children? Is either of you at an age where this would come into play?
* Do you care what your friends think of him or her?
4. If your answer to any of these questions is a maybe, then you might have to think more about the relationship

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