Hand Crafted Neck Through Semi Hollow Guitar

Hand Crafted Neck Through Semi Hollow Guitar

From: dgh335

Slide Show of The Making of DG 10 [Semi Hollow Electric Guitar].
This Guitar is the 10th in a series,and was completed in October 2007.I spend about 100 Hours over 10 to 12 weeks on an Instrument.
Neck Through: Australian Rose Mahogany,Purple Heart and Queensland Maple.With 2 way adjustable Truss Rod.
Body wings:Quilted Maple,Top and Back with a Core Consisting of Rose Mahogany,Maple Veneers and Purple Heart Accent Laminations.
Fingerboard:Purple Heart with Sterling Silver Dots and Treble Clef.Brass Nut.22 Frets.12 inch Radius.The Action is currently set very low,.5mm on 1st fret and 1.8mm on 22nd.No Buzzing!
Neck Profile:"C".Width,42mm at Nut,56mm at 22nd fret.Thickness,19mm at first fret,21mm at 7th fret and 23mm at 18th fret.
Scale: 24 9/16 Inches.[Standard Gibson]
Pick Ups: Seymour Duncan SH2 Neck and SH4 Bridge.
Electronics: Schaller 5 way switching.Front single coil,front humbucker,both humbuckers,back humbucker,back single coil.
Bridge and Tailpiece: Schaller.
Machineheads: 510 Gotoh.
Cost for an Instrument like this is about $3500 Australian,this includes a Hard Case.
Sound and Performance: Very clear and resonant,with an equal response across all strings.An excellent all round Guitar with a broad selection of sounds.
Plays Very Fast and Smooth.

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